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==External Link==
==External Link==
*[http://www.brokenpencil.com/reviews/reviews.php?review=865 [[Broken Pencil]] review of Opuntia]
*[http://www.brokenpencil.com/reviews/reviews.php?reviewid=865 Broken Pencil review of Opuntia]

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Opuntia is the name for a series of zines by Dale Speirs from Calgary, Canada.

As he says in the intro, "Whole-numbered Opuntias are sercon, x.1 issues are review zines, x.2 issues are indexes, and x.5 issues are perzines. He is also active in mail art, all things sci-fi, and not only reviews zines and mail art, but prints a number of letters from readers in most issues.

Contributors have included Teddy Harvia, winner of the the Fan Artist HUGO Award. Opuntia has won the 2002 Prix AURORA Fan Achievement Award from the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association. However, Opuntia is not limited to just science fiction, since each issue is different.

External Link