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On Edge is a mental health zine with a political edge. It's about how we feel as well as about how we deal. This text-heavy, well-written compilation zine offers ideas and experience on how to cope. It allows people to tell their stories in ways that empower readers and writers alike.

On Edge is published by Tracey Mitchell in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Four issues have been released, the most recent coming out in late April, 2007. Current and back issues are available for $3 plus shipping (open to trading or other arrangements). To order, email ms_t@riseup.net.

In Issue #4: -A feature interview with Kate Bornstein, author of Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and Other Outlaws and My Gender Workbook -Madness by Jamina Lin (of Oh My Stars zine) -Let Them Eat Cake by Maranda Farthing (of Telegram Ma'am zine) -Original illustrations by Carrie McNinch -Cover art by RaeAnne Fortin -poetry by Meagan Wohlberg, Denise Fletcher and Rae Enns

Highlights of Issue #3: -True Powerand various artwork by Raeanne Fortin -Excerpts of Derrick Jensen's Endgame on Post-traumatic stress in Western Civilization and Tim Wise's Paleness as Pathology -Beyond the Matrix: Deconstructing the Oppression of Mental Illness by Darien Thira -A tribute to Steve Stapleton, mental health activist and friend -Part I of the History of Sexual Sterilization in Canada -Cover art by Denise Fletcher

Highlights of Issue #2: -Did Drugs Play a Role? an article by Angela Bischoff on environmental activist Tooker Gomberg's suicide and the influence of SSRI drugs on suicidal ideation and self-harm -The Grass is Staring at Me: The History of LSD Research in Canada by Erika Dyck -Articles on parenting with mental illness and dealing with a parent's mental illness -On Psychoanalytic Poetry by Jackie Kennelly

Highlights of Issue #1: -The Commodification of Mental Health by Jackie Kennelly -Big Pharma Out of Control? by Tracey Mitchell -Please, Accept These Things by Tad Hargrave