Olly the Octopus

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Olly the Octopus was a one-off poetry zine created in March 2010 by Tim Train, a writer and zine-maker in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The zine consisted of a narrative poem about an octopus called Olly who wanted to enter the octopus porn industry but was hampered by the fact that he had only seven legs. The zine was put together in a style parodying children's picture books. Illustrations were by Train and Baron von Harlot.

The poem was originally intended to be a competitive piece for a poetry slam but proved to be too long.

Train also publishes the serial zine Badger's Dozen.


Olly the Octopus received a negative review in the April 2010 issue of Sticky Institute's Sporadic Correspondence. Train recorded feedback from several friends on his blog.



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