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[[Category:1990's publications]]
[[Category:1990's publications]]
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Old Bones was a fanzine by Wilum Pugmire.

Old Bones was published in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. and claims on its cover to have been released in 1776, but it is more likely that the zine was released in 1976.

It includes fiction by Jessica Amanda Salmonson, editor of The Literary Magazine of Fantasy and Terror; a report on the latest Arkham House publications release, Dwellers In Darkness by August Derleth; and "From Ye Journal of William Davis Manly", by the infamous poet of Sesqua Valley, William Davis Manly.

"From Ye Journal of William Davis Manly" is recognized as a part of the chronology of the Chtulhu Mythos.

Wilumn Pugmire published a number of titles aside from this one, including Midnight Fantasies and Visions of Khroyd'hon.