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Oblong is a weird fiction and film fanzine by Bruce Townley.

Oblong was published in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. It began in the mid 1990s, with #3 released in April 1996, #4 in November 1996, #5 in February 199, #6 in June 1997 and #7 in 1998.

It featured strange, absurd, and sometimes humourous articles, and reviews of weird books and movies. There were articles about the Winchester Mystery House, Big Daddy Roth software, and film noir. As well there are fanzine reviews and a letter column.

Contributors include William Breiding (Star Fire), and Candi Strecker. Al Hoff had a column entitled "Pittsburgh: Don't Park Where You See a Chair".

Bruce Townley had previously done the perzine Phiz in the late 1970s.