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Oakslander Lakeside Gazette is an Oakland based zine created by Oaklandish members Jeff Hull and Sean "Goblin" Aaberg in 2003.

Oakslander features the Oaklandish approach to local history, which is about the grit, grind and grease of Oakland, stuff that is usually just swept into the back alleys or hidden under cardboard. This technique of edutainment is undoubtedly rooted in the 1970s and the urban renewal program.

Katie St. Clair of the East Bay Express had this to say about Oakslander. "It's the eerie Oakland underbelly that he seems to celebrate most in his zine. "

+ Vol I, Spring 2003 Society Page, A Monster in Lake Merritt, Secret Stairways of the East Bay, Professor Curtis Speaks, Radical Action Figure Set, Dan Fontes - Man About Town, Bay Area Aerosol Heritage Society presents: Old School Writer's Ball, Afro>Futurism, El Rod's Oaktown Underground, Late Night Eats, The Felix Mitchell Paradox, Reviews of Supershark, Donnel Williams, A Taste of Africa, and more.

+ Vol II, Summer 2003 Open your buns... It's GravyTrain!!! Ricky Powell: Confessions of a Closet Raider Fan, Oakland Funnies, The Hot Grits Project, Subterranean Waterways of the East Bay, Emeryville Driftwood Sculptures, Oaklandish Hotdog Tour, Symbionese Liberation Artworks, Guerrilla News Network: Trojan Horses of the Information Wars, The New Science of Nonchalance, PoPoMetrics, Urban Education, The Clash's punk rock debt to the bay, Surviving & Thriviing at the White Elephant Sale, Sydewayz, tons of Reviews, and a note from Mr. Rogers (really!)

+ "Best Local Zine" - Readers' Choice, East Bay Express