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Now & Then was a science fiction fanzine by Harry Turner and Eric Needham.

The first issue was released in August 1954, subtitled, "Being the proceeding sof the Romiley Fan Veterans & Scottish Dancing Society". It was filled with absurd fiction fan stories and puns, poems, and other wrod play of a surrealistic nature.

Issue two appeared November 1954 iwth the addition of "Widower's Wonderful" advertisements, sardonic mock ads on the black humour side. Letters came from Ken and Pamela Bulmer and Sid Birchby.

Issue three arrived in 1955, this time with illustrations by Pat Patterson and written contributions by Sid Bircby, Robert Bloch and Pat Darroll. With htis issue, Now & Then began to be distributed with Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association mailings.

The next issue was called a "Recap for Latecomers", with reprints of material from all the previous issues, plus a reprint of a poem by Eric Needham that was originally in Scottishe.Category"1950's publications