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* [ Not Sorry Distro]
* [ Not Sorry Distro]
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[[Category: Distro]] [[Category:Active Distros]]

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Not Sorry is a zine distro based in Portland, Oregon that features zines and crafts about issues dealing with eating disorders, size-ism, fatphobia and fat-positivity. It was started in 2005 by Jenny, publisher of Not Sorry zine, and former owner of Grrrlstyle Distro.

Jenny explained the reason why she began the distro on its Website: "The idea for this distro came to me in the Summer of 2005 when I was feeling frustrated with the lack of activism and zines on these subjects, when just years before it seemed like people were doing things all of the time! I thought it would be awesome to have an online resource for body-positive goods and writing, so that you wouldn't have to scour the Internet only to find one or two zines here and there, the way I have so many times."

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