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New Fandom is a science fiction fanzine by Sam Moskowitz.

Following his first fanzine, Helios, Sam Moskowitx released New Fandom. The first issue was published in Long Island City, New York, U.S.A. in September-October 1928.

The cover of each issue was silk screened by Art Director James V. Taurasi.

Contributors for #1 included Claire P. Beck, Eando Binder, and Roy A. Squires.

November brought #2, with contributions from John W. Campbell, John D. Clark, and H.C. Koenig.

Contributors for # 3 from Jan.-Feb. 1939 included John D. Clark, Litterio Farsaci (The Golden Atom), T.S. Gardner, Dale Hart (later editor of Shangri L'Affaires), Ray Van Houten, Dan McPhail, Ray Pauley, Roy Squires and Harry Warner, Jr. (Spaceways).

Issue 4, dated Mar.-Apr. 1939, included John W. Campbell, John D. Clark, L. Sprague de Camp, and Harry Warner.

Contributors for #5, released July 1939 included John W. Campbell, H.C. Koenig, and Willy Ley.

Issue 6 covered the World Science Fiction Convention and was published in Jan. 1940. Included was Willy Ley, Frank R. Paul, and Will Sylora.