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Nepenthe is a science fiction and fantasy fanzine by Earl Singleton.

Nepenthe was published at the M.I.T. Graduate house, Cambridge, massachusetts, U.S.A.The first issue of Nepenthe is not dated but carries a dedication that reads:

the first issue of Nepenthe
is for Trudy--
if we are not mistaken
was at the Chicon.

"Trudy" is in all probability, Gertrude Kuslan, known as 'Trudy', since it was noted at the time that she and Earl Singleton were romantically involved.

Contributors included Louis Russell Chauvenet, Del Cross, Ian Davies, Corinne Ellsworth, E, Everett Evans (Nova), Larry B. Farsaci (The Golden Atom), John Franois, Paul Freehafer (Polaris, Curl Gradient, B.M. Hendrick, Jr., Richard Kraft, Arthur Lambert, Allan Lang, Grady L. McMurtry, A. Merritt, Jack Chapman Miske (Bizarre, Scienti-Snaps), P. Tex Sigma, Charles R. Tanner, Dale Tarr, Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons), and Stanley G. Weinbaum.

The cover art was by Marie Johnson and issue #1 included illustrations by Grady L. McMurtrey.