Nate Gangelhoff

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Nate Gangelhoff is a zine maker and musician from Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A.

Nate's first zine was entitled Pearl Jam Must Die. His next attempt at zine making occurred when he decided to make a zine to take on tour with his band, so that he could sell it for extra money for food. Pick Your Poison was the zine that he created. Since then five more issues have been made.

Nate is also the publisher of two other zines, You Idiot, or which four issues have been published, and Whiskey Plus, of which on eisue has been released.

Nate has been in a number of pop punk bands, including Rivethead and Banner Pilot. His latest band is Off With Their Heads, who recently relased a split single with the band J Church, of which zinester ben Snakepit is a member.

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