My name is not Susan

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My name is not Susan #1

My name is not Susan (200?-) is a literary/art/perzine by Adelaide, SA, Australia writer and zinester Jane Simon; with occasional contributions by Ianto Ware (Issue 1 and 2), Bim (Issue 2), and Sophia Marchand (Issue 3).

Simon describes My name is not Susan in the introduction to Issue 1: "This zine is a conglomeration of images and words that I like. It represents words and images that have spent an awful lot of time transported around the place, and it was time to let them rest. Hence my name is not Susan. I suppose if I wanted to be technical I could say something like this zine is an exploration of the intersection between words and images. It may sound wanky but it is this space in which I like to spend time."beats solo hd

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