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The Mulberry Digest by Su Mwamba first appeared as a one-off publication in March 2010, a highly whimsical zine exploring the mythology surrounding a world invented to accompany the author's mail art and faux postage: Tangledom. The Mulberry Digest provides an introduction to the lore of Tangledom, dreams, local mythology, and the TangleFolks' predisposition for reading, writing, arts and crafts. The Dreamtime issue also features 2 cross stitch charts and a mulberry jam recipe which was reprinted in the November 2010 issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly by Kristin Roach.

4 additional (shorter) issues of the Mulberry Digest were released from 2010-2011 to members of the TangleClub. Each of these later issues featured a single story about or project from life in Tangledom.

The first issues of the Mulberry Digest were printed on mulberry paper. The Solstice issue tells the story of Tangledom's Lokta Region. Following publication of The Solstice issue, all new issues and reprints of older issues were printed on lokta paper.

Mulberry Digest
the Dreamtime issue (March 2010)
the Autumn issue (Sept 2010)
the Solstice issue (Dec 2010)
the neverendings issue (May 2011)
the mailboxing issue (Aug 2011)

An additional Mulberry Digest feature appeared in A Handmade Life #5 by Robin O. Mayberry (October 2010). Unlike other issues of the Mulberry Digest, this story is written in the first person, and directly explores Su Mwamba's creative processes (in relation to zinemaking). All other Digests are written in the third person and provide a view of life in the fictional realm of Tangledom.

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The Realm of Tangledom
following publication of the 5th TangleClub issue of the Mulberry Digest, most Mulberry Digest content will be transferred to this site
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