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* [[Rupture]]
* [[Rupture]]
* [[Link]]
* [[Link]]
* [[Zinefest Mülheim Zine]]
* [[Elster|Elster #2]]
* [[Elster|Elster #2]]

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Mujinga logo

Mujinga is a zinester who has an eponymous perzine and also releases other zines on a range of subjects. Currently (March 09), mujinga11 and itchy feet are finding their way into uncharted mailboxes...

As part of the Groene Voltage social centre in Rotterdam, Mujinga maintained a zine library with over 200 zines. Sadly the centre is now evicted, but the infoshop lives on at the Poortgebouw.




Cover of Alt.Rotter
  • Alt.Rotter
  • (Izzybio and Mujinga) Make Wishes
  • My Addictive Personality
  • People I Hate
  • The Fairy Godmother (by Izzybio and Mujinga)
  • Things I Miss About You
  • Why Do I Feel So Fucked Up?

Contributions to other zines

Published elsewhere

  • Six o'clock Old Town Square on The Underground Literary Adventures blog 2004
  • Positive ID and When Hitler had Kittens in WritersNet Anthology of Prose: Fiction edited by Gary Kessler
  • When Hitler had Kittens in a pamphlet published as the British Czech and Slovak Association Essay Competition 2005

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