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Mudflapis a zine by San Francisco filmmaker Greta Snider.

Released in the 1990's, Mudflap chronicles Greta's travelling adventures and documents her love of bicycles. Filmmaker Sarah Jacobson wrote of Greta Snider, "...Her films are like her zines, made up of different stores and patchworked together. Even though they are very experimental, they don't bore me like that self-indulgent avant garde shit I was forced to watch in art school."

Many of Greta Snider's films star zinesters. Shred of Sex stars Deke Nihilson, co-editor of Homocore zine. Portland features Ivy of Inmate and Iggy Scam of Scam. No Zone features a voice-over narration by Aaron Cometbus of Cometbus.

Mudflap was featured in the Factsheet Five Zine Reader.