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== External Link ==
== External Link ==
[http://msvaleriepark.blogspot.com/ Ms Valerie Park Distro]
[http://msvalerieparkdistro.com/ Ms Valerie Park Distro]
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[[Category:Distro]] [[Category:Active Distros]] [[Category:Washington Zines]]

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Ms Valerie Park Distro is an independent distro out of Olympia, Wa, started in tribute to writer and filmmaker Valerie Park.
It carries a decent selection of zines, handmade books, and audio zines, while maintaining a stronger focus in music. Most of what they carry is based out of the Pacific Northwest part of the United States (Olympia, Wa; Portland,Or; Seattle, Wa; etc).
Zines such as Ilse Content, Jesus Christ Superzine, Funwater Awesome, and Basic Paper Airplane are all carried through the Ms Valerie Park Distro.


mvpd po box 2645 olympia, wa 98507

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Ms Valerie Park Distro