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Motor City Kitty is a perzine written by Brianna Dearest.

Brianna began writing Motor City Kitty in 2004, when she moved from Cleveland, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio, for college. Early issues were about Brianna's personal romantic relationships, her college experience, working in fast food, and adventures on her bicycle. After issue #10, the zine's focus shifted. It now discusses such topics as personal experiences with sexual assault/abuse, depression and anxiety, sexism in the (Ohio/Midwest) punk scene, grief, family, and traveling/touring.

The zine is typically quarter-sized, though some issues have been made in other formats (such as the most recent, #21, which is half-legal sized). It is made in the traditional cut and paste style with typewritten text and Brianna's own illustrations.


There are 21 issues of Motor City Kitty as of July 2013, as well as two half issues (#9.5 and #12.5). It is an ongoing series.

  • Issue #5 was never printed, as it was meant to be a split with the zine Thundercat!, but the accompanying half was never finished.
  • Issue #10 was a compilation issue, focused on the city of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Issue #16 was a split with Culture Slut #24.
  • Issues #17-21 are the only issues currently in print.

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