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*[ MoTHER (has words…) MySpace]:  
*[ MoTHER (has words…) MySpace]:  
MoTHER (has words...). also includes a section on its MySpace entitled ...SHOOT THE PAPARAZZI... which features photographs from social events mOther has popped along to in her hometown of Perth, Western Australia. Each outing she tries to capture 'an item of the day', plus provide a harrowing commentary of those a lot less fortunate in the fashion stakes. Harmless fun? Not likely!
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[[Category:Zine]] [[Category:Zines from Australia]] [[Category:Western Australia Zines]] [[Category:2000's publications]] [[Category:Zinester|mOther]]

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MoTHER -has words...#1
MoTHER -has words...#1

MoTHER (has words…). (2007 - ) is a cut & paste, black & white A4 zine from Perth, W.A., Australia. Edited by mOther, this zine is a showcase of creative talent based on thematic issues which are released roughly every two to three months. While open to general submissions from young creatives from all over the world, the crux of each issue is that it showcases the work of four selected young creatives from four seperate fields of creative endeavour, visual art, street art, music and poetry.

In September 2007, at the annual National Young Writers Festival in Newcastle, Australia, MoTHER (has words...). was awarded 'One of the best new tittles of 2007', for issue No. 1.



Featured contributors are given roughly five pages each on which to showcase their work, with interviews of the musicians and poets, a review of the visual artists' practice, and information on locations of work and/ or a manifesto provided by the street artist. The aim is to give such talent the opportunity to inform a larger audience of where they are at, what they do & where exactly they hope to go.

So far, with the release of three issues, MoTHER (has words...). has featured the art of Eric James Mitchell, Tess McNamara and Arlene Texta Queen; the poetry of Michael Farrell, Gabrielle Everall, and Amber Fresh; the sounds of Sink, Brash and Sassy, and Petrosexual; and the street art of BAMBI, MANDY and DIGER ROKWELL. Past issues have also included the work of Twenty Elven (who also produces a zine named Twenty eleven), Scott-Patrick Mitchell, James Donkin, Alex Bell, Tobey Black, The Giselle, K from The Ponies, Sean Wilson, Bec Giggs, The Antipoet, Gillian O'Meacher, Jasmine Wiegele, Jess Clark, Mark Cleary, Emma Sulley, Invert, Kitt Farrell, Matthew Sforcina, Ashley Brockman, Andrew Nicholls, Alice Anon, Creepy, Felicuty Hope, Liz Allen, Maya Catta, RUSH (UK), and fashion label Cabbages & Kings.

Future issues will showcase street artists TROLL and DAEK, visual artists Andrew Nicholls and Maya Catts, poet Allan Boyd, plus soundmakers Tomas Ford and Sex Panther.


  • No. 1: Something queer this way cums
  • No. 2: My automated phallus & clockwork cunninglingus : the future of the feminine
  • No. 3: Quantuuuuuum, errr, what sorry : the science of being human


Send work either as an A4 /A5 attachment to or inquire for postal address. new writing, art, photography, fashion, articles - all kinds of submissions are considered!

Submissions are open now for future issues. See MySpace for themes & the like....


MoTHER (has words...). is available form Planet Books and 78 Records in Western Australia, Sticky in Melbourne, or by writing to in order to arrange a postal copy.

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