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Email: mixtapezine@gmail.com
Email: mixtapezine@gmail.com
== Distribution ==
MisChief Maker
Bird In The Hand Zine Distro
Blackbird Corner
Coco's Closet
Milk Thieves
Number 10 arts precinct
One Wise Owl
Prints Charming
Raggedy Anne
Take Care Zines
Lace and Bark
Monkeytail & Wellington
<br>Amitie Textiles
Ballarat Patchwork
Brunswick Bound
Crafty Mamas
Greville Street Bookstore
The Little Shop of…
Mandrake and Willow
Metropolis Bookshop
Northside Makers Market
Polyester Books
The Ink Table
The Upholstery Gallery
Winterwood Toys
yarraville markets
Hot Possum
Ruck Rover General Store
Lilmag from Japan
Fancy Tiger
Home Ec
Purl Patchwork
The Haby Goddess
==External Links==
==External Links==
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* [http://mixtapezine.com/ ''Mixtape Zine'' website]
* [http://mixtapezine.com/ ''Mixtape Zine'' website]
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[[Category:Zines from Australia]]  
[[Category:Victoria Zines]]  
[[Category:2000's publications]]

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Mix tape #1

Mixtape Zine (2007-) is an Australian DIY zine "about making time for the small things", "a collision of craft, eco-cool and pop culture kitsch". It is printed in Melbourne, Australia. Mixtape Zine began in early 2007 and is still continuing to publish new issues.


  • Issues 1-7. Available on PDF
  • Issue 8.
  • Issue 9.
  • Issue 10. Aug 17 2009.
  • Issue 11.
  • Issue 12. Feb 2010. Life's a Circus
  • Issue 13. May 2010. All Around the World
  • Issue 14. Aug 2010. Tie One On


Mail: PO Box 2020
Moorabbin VIC 3189

Email: mixtapezine@gmail.com

External Links