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She also has an art journal at [http://www.passiongroove.net Passion Groove].
She also has an art journal at [http://www.passiongroove.net Passion Groove].

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Misty O'Brien (born Misty Marie Blonigen on April 7, 1976) is a zine and chapbook publisher based in St. Cloud, MN. She edits and publishes It Takes All Kinds, which is a literary compilation zine started in January, 2006, and is published quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct). She has also published two issues of Stamper 62 and a one-shot zine called honeybunches with her husband, John O'Brien. She also writes an occasional perzine called Yeah, but still... and is working on another zine to be published under a pseudonym. She has also published poetry under the names Misty Blonigen and Mistachel O'Brien.

She has published the following under either Brave Girl Studio or J*A*M Pie Press (now defunct):
  • Publisher, [Elementropy] by Leslie Powell
  • Publisher, [Life on the 45th Parallel] by Leslie Powell
  • Publisher, [Music of a Proto-Suicide] by Catherynne M. Valente
  • Publisher, [Not Just Your Garden-Variety Neurotic Smartass] by Jen Trance
  • Publisher, [Mirror Image] by Tracey Leckelt
  • Publisher, [Boys + Girls] by John O'Brien
  • Publisher, [From Inspiration to Clarity], featuring poetry by Trina Shealy Orton, Rick Silva, Pete Stein, Orpheus (aka C. Michael Andrie), Mistachel O'Brien, and John O'Brien; edited by Misty O'Brien
  • Publisher, [Does The End Justify The Means?] by Mistachel O'Brien
  • Publisher, [You Really Don’t Anger Bitter Women and Men] by Mistachel O’Brien
  • Publisher and Co-Creator, [honeybunches] with John O'Brien
  • Publisher and Creator, [Stamper 62]
  • Publisher and Creator, [Yeah, but still...]
  • Publisher and Creator, [It Takes All Kinds]

She also has an art journal at Passion Groove.