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Miss Helen is an Australian zinester and artist based in Sydney, NSW, Australia, who publishes a number of one-off zines as well as the ongoing zine Fly away bird (2005-), under the imprint Astro Press. In addition to her zines Miss Helen writes a blog, Spycore dot net, designs knitting patterns, creates knitted cupcakes and animals, takes digital photographs and 'wears froofy dresses'.


Astro Press

P.O. Box 730

Sutherland NSW 1499




Zine factory, 18 August - 14 October, 2007, Lewers House, Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewer Bequest

  • The exhibition featured an installation work by Miss Helen 'Girls Room', and another by Leigh Rigozzi, as well as an exhibition of historic Australian zines, curated by Glenn Barkley. The Spring Zine Fair, 1 September, 10am-5pm, was held in conjunction with the exhibition.


  • The zine factory, 18 August - 14 October, Lewers House, Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewer Bequest, by Miss Helen and Leigh Rigozzi
  • How to make a zine..., (September 2007), by Miss Helen and Maddy Phelan
  • Tractation on being a single sheila (August 2007)
  • 10:01 - snapshots from the Illawarra line (Loftus - Redfern) (December 2006)
  • The bubbles pop (Winter 2006)
  • The Little Golden Book of Angst (2006)
  • 'My Blythe girls', in A pocket full of posies (October 2006) edited by Maddy Phelan, Melisa Tomkins and Carla Velasquez Uzbeaga.
  • Fly away bird (2005-; 4 issues)
  • Astro gurrl (1996-?)

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