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* [http://www.comicopia.net Comicopia The International Comics Apa]
* [http://www.comicopia.net Comicopia The International Comics Apa]
* [[Floodgates Of The Mind]]
==Other Links==
==Other Links==

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Mike Aragona, former Line Editor of Scarlet Rose Productions, is currently running Comicopia The International Comics Fanzine and has been a panellist on numerous media conventions speaking on Writing, Self-publishing, and Apas. A big fan and supporter of Canadian talent, he was on the nominating panel for The Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Awards and continues to plot ways of bringing his creator-owned work (The Mysterious Minute-Men) to the world at large. Mike and his beautiful wife Chantale welcomed their first child in July 2005. He hopes the baby, Kyle Ethan, will also become a comic fan like his son James and daughter Melyssa. Casey the Wonder Puppy could not be reached for comment.


Mike was born in May of 1967 in Montreal, Quebec. He was exposed to comics at age 5 and has never looked back.

He joined Comicopia as a founding member in September 1990, became part of the DM team a year later and soon took over the collating, binding, treasury, and editorial until assuming the mantle of DM. Along the way, he brought a web presence (along with International members), an ISSN number, Convention appearances and panels, and a healthy evolution. His zine, Floodgates of the Mind, has graced every issue of Comicopia since #1.

In 1997 he was asked to join Scarlet Rose Productions as Line Editor and also sold a number of stories (not yet released). SRP released 10 books before going on hiatus. Nearly-completed material still rests in its archives and will be released when possible.

In 2005 he was asked to be on the Nominating Panel of Judges for the inaugural year of The Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Awards. In 2006 he was the only Nominating Member to be asked back and officially made the Nominating Committee Coordinator.

His freelance writing work (fiction and interviews) can be seen scattered throughout the web.


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