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Microcosm Publishing is an independent publisher and distributor based out of Portland, OR and Bloomington, IN. They distribute zines, books, pamphlets, stickers, buttons, patches, t-shirts, films, and more. The focus is on publishing zines and books in the hopes that it will add credibility to zine writers and their ethics. Titles attempt to teach self-empowerment to disen飞机票预定 汽车租赁 租车 汽车陪练 汽车陪练 汽车陪练 IBM服务器 hp服务器 Dell服务器 地暖 北京货架 北京印刷 IBM服务器 性病 生殖器疱疹 尖锐湿疣 环氧地坪 燃气灶维修 货架厂 装饰公司 包装公司 汽车陪练 北京保洁 IBM服务器 国际快递公司 国际快递 国际速递 北京写字楼 写字楼 写字楼出租 塑胶地板 碎纸机 有机玻璃 单片机培训 会员卡 防伪标签 动画制作 电缆桥架 电缆桥架 展柜 专卖店设计 北京物流 冷藏物流 北京冷库 货运公司 印刷公司 特价国际机票 北京月嫂 代开发票 服务器机柜 北京装饰公司 热水器维修 装饰装潢 展览制作 会议服务 北京月嫂 燃气灶维修 IBM服务器 HP服务器 净化工程 国际展览 北京办公家具 会议服务 塑料颗粒机 打包带机 北京洗衣公司 二手电脑回收 英语学习网 口语 有机玻璃制品 MBAfranchised people and to nurture their creative side. It began in 1996 with one person doing part-time mailorder out of a bedroom.


Beginning in 1996 with only Joe Biel doing part time mail order out of a bedroom in Cleveland, Ohio and hiring Alex Wrekk in 2003, the operation has grown significantly over the years and as of March of 2007, has moved its mailorder operation to Bloomington, Indiana. There is a particular focus towards images and artwork celebrating bicycles and radical politics. Many of the items offered are not available easily elsewhere on the web or otherwise.

Microcosm is heralded in the zine community as an entity that, for better or worse, has brought zines into a larger consciousness in the new millennium, after former mainstream interest has largely subsided. They are also responsible for many of the recent zine/book hybrid aesthetics and zines that have fancier covers or design aesthetics such as multiple color screenprints, letterpress, or offset printing.

Incorporating the tactics of early punk record labels and a very DIY approach, Microcosm uses tactics that are more guerilla styled for promoting their titles than most publishers of equal size. They rarely purchase advertising, and rely more heavily on the people who appreciate their craft independently passing out their catalogs in their respective towns.

Microcosm is sometimes equated as the "Wal Mart of Zines" due to the vast selection and customer service that it offers. Due to Wal Mart's poor human rights record and complete inability to build a decent public image for themselves - Microcosm would probably be more accurately called "The Target of Zines", although ACTUAL EX-EMPLOYEES have no problem with the Wal Mart association.

Microcosm offered custom buttons as a service from 1998-2006. Custom stickers were also offered from 2001-2006. Custom patches and t-shirt printing was also offered briefly in 2002-2003.

Microcosm Publishing was formerly a record label, and released records by Flotation Walls, Bedford, Organic, Cripple Kid, The Unknown, The Roswells, Little Dipper, Rock, Star.


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