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Microcosm Distribution was a distro. In 2013 they turned into Pioneers Press.

On August 1st, 2012, Microcosm Distribution split from Microcosm Publishing and became a separate, autonomous distributor of books, zines, pins, patches, and much more.[1]

On November 15, 2012, they announced "we've started up Pioneers Press, our own publishing house, to begin seasonally releasing titles starting Winter 2013." [2]

On February 09, 2013, they announced "Microcosm Distribution is now Pioneers Press"[3]

Starting around March 2013, MicrocosmDistribution.com started forwarding to PioneersPress.com [4]

Microcosm Distribution's website said the company "strives to spotlight independent art and publishing while helping provide tools for self-sufficiency and empowerment."

Staff: Rio Safari, Adam Gnade, Thaddeus Christian, Laura Grant, Matt Gauck. Owner: Jessie Duke.