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*[[Not One of Us]]
*[[Not One of Us]]
'''External Links'''
==External Links==
*[http://www.gorelets.com Michael Arnzen's gorelets -- a creative horror website]
*[http://www.gorelets.com Michael Arnzen's gorelets -- a creative horror website]
*[http://www.michaelarnzen.com The Michael Arnzen Social Network]
*[http://www.michaelarnzen.com The Michael Arnzen Social Network]

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Michael Arnzen is a horror writer and English professor, currently teaching at Seton Hill University, near Pittsburgh, PA.

Arnzen was born in Amityville, NY -- the location of the infamous "horror house" -- in 1967. He first started writing in the Army, and began publishing horror poetry, short stories, reviews and articles in the small horror press during his undergraduate years at the University of Southern Colorado (now CSU-Pueblo). He was an active member of SPWAO -- the Small Press Writer's Artists Organization -- throughout the 90s. Arnzen and artist (later, wife) Renate Muller launched Mastication Publications in 1991 -- a small press imprint for poetry, responsible for two chapbooks in the early '90s: Chew and Other Ruminations (Arnzen's first poetry collection) and Psychos: An Anthology of Psychological Horror in Verse (an influential collection of poems that included writers like Steve Rasnic Tem, Marge Simon, and many more.

Arnzen continues to write professionally. His latest book is [The Gorelets Omnibus], published by Raw Dog Screaming Press in 2012.


  • PSYCHOS (as editor)
  • Chew and Other Ruminations (as author)


External Links

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