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Metrofan was a science fiction fanzine by David McDonald.

'Metrofan was published in the 1950s as an "unofficial publication of the New York Fandom Council, composed of Circle, ESFA and Lunarians - three first-rate stf clubs in the New York Area'. It was a mimeographed, stapled publication of 27 pages.

Contributors of writing included Ken Beale, Belle Dietz, Dick Ellington, Don Johnson, Boyd Raeburn (A Bas), H.P. Sanderson, Hans Stefan Santesson (Fantastic Universe), Roberta Wild (Vagary).

Contributors of artwork included Trina Robbins and Van.

Letters came from Alan Dodd, Nick and Noreen Falasca, Len Moffat, Bob Pavlat, Fred Prophet, Joe Sanders, Rick Sneary (Shangri L'Affaires), George W. Fields, and Guy Terwilleger.