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Panmag is a zine from New York, New York.

Mail artist, Mark Bloch, created the xeroxed zine Panmag in 1979 when he was living in Orange County, California with the first issue number 391, a tribute to Francis Picabia's zine of that name, 391. Bloch's next issue was number 451, published in conjunction with an art performance at a bookstore in Laguna Beach called Farenheit 451. Issue number 452 followed with most of the same material. Panmag then appeared with an issue number 2 published in conjunction with another art performance-- this time at Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo in which Bloch dressed upo as Guglielem Achille Cavellini the legendary mail artist. Bloch gave a lecture with Barry Berg of San Clemente who contributed mail art material for this new edition of the Zine. Panmag continues to be published today, some 39 years later bioth opnline and on hard copy. Recently Bloch released number 57 as part of his webiste Most issues of Panmag deal with the mail art scene.

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