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Marie Kanger-Born was a member of the early punk scene in 1979 - 1986. She photographed the local shows during the 1981 - 1985 era and published a fanzine, called Bullshit Detector in the 1982, 1983 period.

Several of her photographs were published in the book, Going Underground: American Punk, 1979-1992 by George Hurchalla. One of her Articles of Faith photographs was included in the book, American Hardcore: A Tribal History by Steven Blush. Her photos were included in the indie film, You Weren't There, which is a documentary about the Chicago punk scene, produced by Regressive Films.

Marie continues to be active in the current Chicago punk scene, photographing the underground punk shows of the day. Her website, Chicago Punk Pix, went up in February, 2003 and features her collection of pictures, zines, flyers, etc from the early and current eras.

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