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'''MKB''' was a member of the early [[punk]] scene in 1979 - 1986. She photographed the local shows during the 1981 - 1985 era and published a fanzine, called [[Bullshit Detector]] in the 1982, 1983 period.
Several of her photographs were published in the book, ''Going Underground: American Punk, 1979-1992'' by George Hurchalla. One of her Articles of Faith photographs was included in the book, ''American Hardcore: A Tribal History'' by Steven Blush. Her photos were included in the indie film, ''You Weren't There'', which is a documentary about the Chicago punk scene, produced by Regressive Films.
Her website, Chicago Punk Pix, went up in February, 2003 and promotes her photography services.
==External Links==
*[http://www.chicagopunkpix.com/ Chicago Punk Pix]
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