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Marceline Smith is a zinemaker, illustrator, web designer and blogger living in Glasgow, Scotland. She has been publishing zines for 20+ years and recently opened a zine distro, Pushpin Zines to help promote some of her favourite zinemakers.

Zine History

Inspired by Riot Grrrl in 1995, Marceline started reading and eventually making zines, though none were published until 1996. She collaborated on music-related zines with her sister and friends until the rise of the internet when she started, an online community for independent music. diskant published news, interviews and features from a group of DIY zinemakers, label owners and band members and lasted for over 10 years. The site is still live but not very active.

After being diagnosed with RSI, Marceline started making things by hand again and was inspired to make a shopping guide and travel zine after a second trip to Japan. Numerous zines have followed including a guide to her adopted hometown Glasgow and her first self-published book containing writing, drawing and photography from her trips to Japan.

In August 2010, Marceline hosted a zine workshop at Glasgow's Welcome Home, along with illustrator/zinemaker Jen Collins and created a mini-zine about zinemaking for it. Inspired by this new group of zinemakers, she made plans for a zine distro and publishing service. Pushpin Zines opened in 2011 and sells a range of zines including the first zines by workshop attendees.


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