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Cover with a Afro American flag by David Hammons

Manhattan is the first mini photozine (or travelzine from Pere Saguer, and the first published by Bad Weather Press horizontal. Since this publication, on 2012, there has been other two horizontal photozines: 2am 6pm by Irene Serrano and Pilgrimage from Ekaterina Solovieva.

The photozine cover is a photoshoot of David Hammons (born 1943) Afro American flag, an American artist especially known for his works in and around New York City during the 1970s and 1980s, yet whose innovative work is continuously evolving. The minizine has 24 pages, printed in colour on a light grey paper. All photos where taken with a iPhone 4.

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Manhattan inside from Booklet Library (Japan)
View of the Liberty and the construction of the new Manhattan skyscraper, in 2013
Land speak record inside from Booklet Library (Japan)
Print/Out exhibition at MoMA and a part of the Highline Park in 2013