Make Something

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Make Something

Make Something is a compzine featuring numerous Portland zinesters. Most pieces featured in Make Something were previously unpublished at the time the comp was released.

Contributors included: Joe Biel (Perfect Mix Tape Segue), Shosh Cohen (The Gulper), Krissy Durden (Figure 8, Paper Crush), Nicole Georges (Invincible Summer), Rebecca Gilbert (Verboslammed, Napcore), Shawn Granton (10' Rule), Kate Haas (Miranda), Korinna Irwin (Rock Star with Words), Kate Lopresti (Constant Rider), Clutch McBastard (Clutch), Aaron Renier (Spiral Bound), Tim Root (Crappy Comics), Mark Russell (Penny Dreadful), Jack Saturn (We Ain't Got No Car), Kirstin Tonningsen (Zigzaggery), and Alex Wrekk (Brainscan, Stolen Sharpie Revolution).