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Magic is the fourth issue from the "Found Sound" collection of zines written by TrollE. It was originally released in 2005 as a teaser with only two chapters ("magic is real" and "freespell"), but has since been release in full with the additional chapter of "low magic" being included in newer releases.

Magic was also reviewed in the January 2007 issue of "The Peak" magazine out of Guelph Ontario.

andrea kb. wrote: "i don't know exactly how to describe it - i'll settle for a manifesto that's directed at You. the reader. focusing on the energy of fire and the (de)constructive power of the earth, it reads like you're sitting coss-legged with the author and s/he describes this wonderful enlightening conclusion s/he came to one day while tripping in the forest."

Excerpt from Magic

magic is adventure. travelling in search of what just might be here. search for sub-earthen terrorists - the force of the earth astounds us - moving between spaces investigating for themselves and not you or me! to live, to scream, to burn for anything that moves them, and boy, they move me • they're movin my mountains, rolling me oceans, and plowing, nay setting those fields aflame with living death (oh those words are so small).
we're reckless. our guerilla cells of witches and sorcerers, warlocks and thaumaturgists fight in the streets with the prostitutes over who gives the best head, but of course we win cause we do it free! can't lose when you arent aiming to win, just some cyclic effect to engage ourselves in while were still here. this petty earth can be more than a few dimes, and it dont take its times - it steals now and ditches forever by the cracks in the tracks.
the magic in adventure can lie in the risk. the excitement of approaching failure, pain, or death can compel us into great hero's and terrible villains. we urge everything to be lived with such threats of danger. such life is undoubtably exciting, memorable, invigorating and real - to the brim with endorphin charged laughter and hormonal excretions, bringing about complete arousal and long winded tales of endearment.

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