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'''Mae Undead''' is a [[writer]] and [[distro]] owner currently residing in San Francisco, CA.
Mae has been writing zines since 2001. In 2005, she also opened a zine distro under You're Insane, Honey! where distributes her own and a variety of personal zines. After a year of the name You're Insane Honey, she changed it to [[Gimme Brains!!!]] because it no longer fit her taste. The name has changed but the heart of Mae still belongs to good old [[DIY]].
After the name change, Mae has been making [[one-shot]] zines and working on Cerveauxxxxxx. She also continues to contribute and support other people's projects.
* [[Velouria's Red Hair]]
* [[Zerospace]] #1-4 
* [[You're Insane Honey]]: Preface
** You're Insane Honey: Play Dead
** You're Insane Honey: Purest Love
** You're Insane Honey: Cold and Ugly
* [[Cerveauxxxxxx]] 1-4
* [[i know you're out there]]
* [[My Mystery Girl]] (A [[24 Hour Zine Thing]] Zine)
* [[Everyone Has A Summer]]
* [[hello i love you, won't you tell me your name?]] (a [[split zine]] with [[Joyous]]) (2007)
* [[the Cousin zine]] (a [[compzine]] with Mae's cousins) (2007)
* [[Can You Spot the Pattern?]] (2007)
* [[an undead persona]] (2008)
==External linking==
* [http://www.youreinsanehoney.com/ Gimme Brains!!! Distro]
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