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*[[The Mentor]]
*[[The Mentor]]
*[[Science Fiction Echo]]

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Mae Strelkov was a fanzine writer and fan artist.

Mae Strelkov was born in China where her English parents were located doing missionary work. She later moved to Argentina, at which time she began to write letters to science fiction and fantasy fanzines.

She soon began contributing art work and writing for many fanzines throughout the world. She also illustrated books, such as the Arthur Machen story, Spagyric Quest of Beroaldus Comopolita.

Later Mae devoted her time to creating hectograph paintings using hectograph dyes. Several of her unique paintings graced the covers of fanzines, such as E-Ditto.

She began writing her autobiography, of which seven books were completed. Only book three has been made available as an electronic text.

She died January 27, 2000.


  • Spagyric Quest of Beroaldus Comopolita by Arthur Machen


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