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Macabre was a fanzine published by Joseph Payne Brennan in New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Macabre was founded in 1957 to "work for the revival" of Weird Tales, a Pulp magazine that Brennan had written for. He also wanted macabre to "serve as a rallying place for all those devoted to horror and the supernatural". Twenty three issues were released, the last one in 1976.

Issues of Macabre included Brennan's "Lucius Leffing" stories, and well as other of his well known stories and articles on H.P. Lovecraft"; "Time and Lovecraft"and "Lovecraft on the Subway".

Other contributions included "Wei-Thogga" by Mike Ambrose, Ramsey Campbell, "Ice People" by George Dendrinos, "Balthor the Dreamer" by W. Paul Ganley, "The Floating Coffin" by John, Perry "Day of Departure" by Frank Sherry.

Other contributors include Robert Caspar, Helen T. Hill, Leslie Nelson Jennings, J. Francis Murphy, Voilet Hiles Ringer, and Lawrence A. Trissel.

Several stories in Macabre have been cited as essential to Lovecraft's "Cthlulhu Mythos".