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Lushbaby is a zine published in the 1990's in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

Lushbaby initially started out as Lushbaby Weekly, one handwritten photocopied page published approximately once a week, and devoted to scurrilous gossip about the queer community of San Antonio. The revolving staff for various early issues was Lucifer Klee, Tommy Gunn, Jennifer Penelope, Bryen Roger, Adam Seraphic and Lara Sinclair.

After about a half dozen issues, it became Lushbaby Weakly for awhile, an irregularly published zine of many more pages and many more contributors, including Eulalie Fenster Glas, Cornelius Alex, Dunwich, Erin 'Sassy' Clay, and Marie Laveau. Various titles of articles included "Michelle's Appalling Taste", "How Ryan Has Changed (and is slowly becoming all the worst characters on TV)", "Pokey Corner" (about locals going to jail), "New San Antonio Bar Earns Bad Reputation With First Bloodletting", "More Roger Sex Facts", "Jim's Coffee Shop No Longer An Oasis In The Morass Of Despair Which We Call Life", "Lost Souls In Eternal Torment", and many more. Many of the articles seemed to be about other editors.

Lushbaby then became Lushbaby Weakly - Yet another Marc Almond fanzine. The staff for this incarnation of the zine was "Eulalie Fenster-Glas (formerly Adam Seraphic), Paul Victorian (formerly of Dallas), Amanda St. Kildis (foreign correspondent), Jennifer Wascher and Fifi Todd (inseparable & loving couple)". Other issues included editors Lucy Hateful Homosexual, and Christine Griffin - Chicago correspondent. Despite the change of focus, with many photos and articles devoted to Marc Almond, the editors still included "Lushbaby News", reporting on the activities of their friends and fellow editors and, for the first time, included record and zine reviews. Articles include "$2200.00! Thrift Store Fantasy Comes True After 7 Years!", about finding $2,200.00 in a wallet left in a purse purchased at a thrift store, "Eulalie Swears Off Men", "F&F&DOM Mobbed", about new band Fairies & Faggots & Dykes Oh My! being thrown out of the mall after being mobbed by teenage girls, and "Kineson Dead, Bully For Bimbox" in which the editors claim Kineson cried "I don't want to die, don't let Bimbox get me", and credit Bimbox editors for his death.