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[[Image:Loveseat.15%.jpg|frame|'''Loveseat''' # 2]]
[[Image:Loveseat.13%.jpg|frame|'''Loveseat''' # 2]]
'''Loveseat''' was a [[hardcore]] [[punk]] zine done in the 1980's by Alex Brown.
'''Loveseat''' was a [[hardcore]] [[punk]] zine done in the 1980's by Alex Brown.

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Loveseat # 2
Loveseat # 2

Loveseat was a hardcore punk zine done in the 1980's by Alex Brown.

Originating from Iowa, Loveseat covered the hardcore punk scene in Des Moines and elsewhere in the U.S.A. It was a photocopied, cut and paste publication.

Issue #2 of this zine, released in 1986, featured interviews with the bands Anti Scrunti Faction (A.S.F.) and Kindred Spirits, a local Des Moines hardcore group, including pictures of the band by Sue. Also featured is an article on a failed Peace March in California, which a Des Moines punk named Thad talks about upon his return. Along with reviews of live shows there are lots of photos by Polly of the bands performing, such as Welfare Skate, A Child's Trust In God, Sinister Sons, and Dead Relatives. Included in these pages are also reviews of recordings and zines. There's lots of local news items about upcoming shows, local bands and venues, and photos of local punks at shows and hanging out.

Another item of interest are the pen and ink drawings that the editor has made great use of throughout his zine, including the front and back covers.

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