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*[[Before it's too late]] (2008)
*[[Geschlecht und Schoklade]] (2007)  
*[[Geschlecht und Schoklade]] (2007)  

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Louise Jennison (1976-) is a Melbourne, Victora, Australia based artist and zinester.

Louise has worked extensively and collaboratively with fellow artist Gracia Haby on zines, artists' books, lithographic prints, installations, exhibitions and a range of craft items. Her work incorporates drawings and watercolours, often depicting natural history subjects.


Conference presentations

  • 'If we stand very still no one will notice', with Gracia Haby at BOOKS.07 Works of Imagination: The Search for the Impossible, Noosa Regional Gallery, 24 August – 30 September 2007

External Links

gracia + louise the website of the Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison

Elsewhere Louise Jennison's blog

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