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[http://gracialouise.typepad.com/elsewhere/ Elsewhere] Louise Jennison's blog
[http://gracialouise.typepad.com/elsewhere/ Elsewhere] Louise Jennison's blog
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[[Category: Zinester]] [[Category: Australian Zinesters]]

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Louise Jennison (1976-) is a Melbourne, Victora, Australia based artist and zinester.

Louise has worked extensively and collaboratively with fellow artist Gracia Haby on zines, artists' books, lithographic prints, installations, exhibitions and a range of craft items. Her work incorporates drawings and watercolours, often depicting natural history subjects.


  • 11.5 fossils (2006)
  • Where does the musk rat keep his musk? (2003) with Gracia Haby and Elaine Haby
  • Looking out the window (2003) with Gracia Haby and Barbara Wolters
  • Everything between home & work (2002) with Gracia Haby, Shannon Bracken and Martin Checklin
  • Is there kunst in the house - how to get by on 4 € a day (2002) with Gracia Haby and Gaby Bila-Günther

External Links

gracia + louise the website of the Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison

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