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Lost Voices  Issue 3
Lost Voices
Issue 3

Lost Voices is a small literature and art zine edited by Marc Mrosk from Hannover, Germany.

It features short stories, poetry, photos and art of any kind from sometimes unknown writers and artist from everywhere. 14 issues have appeared until March 2013. Issue 14 was anounced to be the last one and was called: Last Voices.

Contributing writers to issue #1: Joachim Allgaier ,

   Mark Heywinkel


   Helge Streit


   Stefanie Kießling


   Annika Senger


   Carmen Herrmann


   Michael Helming


   Rüdiger Saß

, Anna Catharina Von Rosenthal

   Johannes Wittek, Ivo Theele
   Claus Will, Andreas Hut, Marcus Mohr (Straßenfeger)
       Schlechtes Intro, guter Song
       Eine neue Stadt
   Gesine Loth
       Mein Kampf ums täglich Brot
   Ivar Bahn
   Louisa Söllner
       Poesía viva

Kunst von:

   Klaus Roth (Seite 15, 18, 20)

Fotos von:

   Kim Vanessa Heywinkel (Seite 16)
   Marc Mrosk (Seite 4, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13)

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