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*[[The Maple Leaf Rag]]
*[[The Maple Leaf Rag]]
*[[Under The Ozone Hole]]
*[[Under The Ozone Hole]]

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Lloyd Penney is a well-known LetterHack and fanzine editor from Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.

Lloyd Penney has won the FAAn Award for Best LetterHack 4 times for his Letters of Comment (LoCs), which are widely enjoyed by science fiction fanzine editors and readers.

He is also the editor of two fanzines. The first issue of Torus was published in 1986 and was co-edited with the Soltys, Keith Soltys and Nancy Soltys, and the Michaels, Michael Skeet (MLR) and Michael Wallis. 8 issues were published before the fanzine ended in December 1990.




  • Bastards of Kirk, directed by Logan Lubera (2006)

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