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Live Wire is a zine by Alan Anger.

Published in London, England, this punk zine features articles on the bands The Clash, The Jam, Chelsea, Generation X, The Saints, and the Sex Pistols.

The first issue came out in January of 1977, after which a number of issues appeared. Alan Anger writes, "I got interested when I used to go to the 100 club and the Hope and Anchor in the early days. It was amazing watching the Pistols and the Damned with loads of energy. It was great that they behaved like human beings and you could talk to them afterwards - not like being miles away from Rod Stewart or the Stones and then watching them ride off in their limousines."

The cover suggests; "Don't just stand there like a moron - buy the bloody thing." Alan Anger says, "If you don't like Live Wire then don't just throw it away, write in and better it yourself."

  Alan Anger issued 19 issues of Livw Wire as 19 was the most used age in the late seventies.Guest writers included Paul Weller[who wrote his top ten favourite songs which included Janie Jones by The Clash as well as the Who and Blondie].Pete Townshend of The Who wrote two pages on the comparisons between punk and the mod scene of the sixties.
 Later issues of the zine concentrated more on The Raincoats and other newer bands around the London scene as well special guest writers from Australia and Italy,where punk was taking off.
 Alan went on to manage punk band,Defiant,make a single with members of The Boys and Bernie Torme Band as well as  forming his own band,Naked Truth which played a mixture of blues[Bloody murder by Otis Spann},Neil Young grunge{Revolution Blues}and the usual punk stuff.Alan also got up and sang New Rose at the Roxy with The Damned as well as being seen regularly onstage with The Lurkers and The Boys.
 Alan joined a new zine in the eighties called,LOUD,which he eventually took over as editor.