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[list.] is a perzine that is written only in list form. It is written by Ramsey Beyer, a girl from Paw Paw, Michigan, who now resides in Baltimore, MD. Each list is illustrated with a cartoon drawn by Ramsey. [list.] zine also always includes 3 sections, lists ramsey writes herself, lists she finds, and lists that other people write for her zine. Ramsey takes submissions for guest lists. Email to find out how to submit.

Examples of Lists From Previus Issues:

things i want my future to include, things i used to think, bands i cant stop listening to lately, things ive accomplished so far this summer, ways ive changed since i started college, etc.

# of Issues:

there have been 8 issues of list. issues 1-5 were black and white, cut and paste collage zines, while 6-8 converted [list.] into a comic zine.

ramsey is currently working on [list.] #9, due out within the month. she plans for [list.] #10 to be done in letterpress.


This is almost exactly what you'd expect it to be - a zine filled with LISTS for just about everything - the lists Ramsey, a young woman from a small town, writes, finds, and contributor lists. However it's not just that simple. While list is essentially just a series of lists, it defines her character over the course of these pages. It's like an ongoing personal saga where you get to know her through reading her lists. She is a tremendously talented illustrator as well, and we get plenty of eyecandy along the way. -joe biel, microcosm publishing

I thought it was cute & I especially liked the guest lists in the back. Lauren

Wow, this was an incredibly sweet and adorable zine. I found that I could relate a lot to it and the illustrations are kick ass. Abbey

I LOVE this zine!! anonymous

eight reasons to love ramsey’s list #8 (in random order):

8. who doesn’t wish they were an animation major studying in france? 7. the entire zine is made up of lists, which is not only a creative idea but also makes it a great read if you only have short spurts of time. 6. ramsey utilizes the lists to the maximum so you never feel like you’re missing part of the story. 5. her drawings are the cutest i have seen in a zine in a long, long time! 4. the reader gets a complete lesson on how to flush a french toilet. 3. sweet stories of sledding and friends when she returns home to michigan. 2. ramsey’s creativity and experiences are inspiring and the whole zine leaves you feeling really positive. 1. she gives us a wonderfully honest view of life as an outsider in a foreign country, both educational and emotional. -kate elsa