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"talking about conspiracies"  
"talking about conspiracies"  
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* [http://www.polkaostrich.etsy.com Polkaostrich Publishing's etsy site]
* [http://www.polkaostrich.etsy.com Polkaostrich Publishing's etsy site]
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Likes/Dislikes is a zine written by Lacey Prpic Hedtke detailing her likes and dislikes. Typewritten and photocopied, folded lengthwise-24 pages.

Here's a review from Microcosm Publishing: A great little slice of personality into Lacey's life via her extensive lists of likes and dislikes. Some highlights include:


"The thought that Aliens and Humans might someday become one."

"What Illegal things arose out of prohibition"

"talking about conspiracies"


"Having to break into a place you have the key to."

"Realizing you like your boyfriend's friends more than you like him"

"Playing with silly putty after someone with warts"

"Undressing a man only to find he has creepy underwear"

With things like this, we get a gradual growing depth into what Lacey is all about and even her seeming contradictions. We smile at shared feeling and cringe at a horrible experience we haven't yet lived through.

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