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*[http://www.revolverupstairs.com.au/letsdrive.swf ''Lets drive tonight''] webpage
*[http://www.revolverupstairs.com.au/letsdrive.swf ''Lets drive tonight''] webpage
[[Category:Event]] [[Category:Australian Events]]
[[Category:Event]] [[Category:Australian Events]] [[Category:Exhibition]]

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Lets drive tonight: an exhibition on zine culture, Revolver Upstairs, 229 Chapel Street, Prahan, Melbourne, Victoria, 7-28 July 2007.

The exhibition, which was curated by Rudin Rashid, features zines from Australia and overseas. Zinester's whose works are featured in the exhibition include: Ultra Magnetic TC, Mak King, Order De Chico, K.E., Thomas Jeppe, Ben Hoban, Asleep On The Bus, Serpents, Till Thomas and Les Thunderers.

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