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Les Spinge was a science fiction fanzine by Ken Cheslin, who was followed by Dave Hale, and then Darroll and Rosemary Pardoe.

Les Spinge was published in the UK, with the first issue appearing in September 1959. The first six issues were released by Ken Cheslin, intended as the organ of the Stourbridge & District SF Circle. Dave Hale assumed editorship with issue 7 with Ken Cheslin as publisher. The 13th issue, published May 1964, was 100 pages and collated in two volumes. The 14th issue, released January 1965, was assembled with a power drill and used metal binding strips. Only a few issues could be assembled and mailed out a week. By issue 15, Dave Hale had handed the fanzine over to Darroll Pardoe and Rosemary Pardoe to edit, and they released slimmed down versions not requiring power drills to assemble. 36 issues were published, with the final issue appearing in December 1979.

Contributors included John Baxter, John Berry, Sid Birchby, Alan Burns, Jim Cawthorn, Ken Cheslin, Colin Freeman (Scribble), Mike Deckinger, Alan Dodd, Rory Faulkner, Colin Freeman, Robert E. Gilbert, Dorothy Hartwell, Terry Jeeves, Roy Kay, Robert Lichtman, George Locke (Smoke), Archie Mercer, Beryl Mercer (Link, Oz), Michael Moorcock, with SF criticism "By Spaceship to the Psyche", Ian Peters, Rog Phillips, Charles Platt (Beyond), Val Purnell, Alan Rispin, Dick Schultz, George O. Smith. Jim Linwood wrote the controversial fanzine review column "The Fanalytic Eye" during the 1960s.

Contributions of art work came from Harry Douthwaite, and Bill Harry.

Rosemary Pardoe had previously published Seagull, and went on to publish Wark and Ghosts & Scholars.