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*[[IPCR Audio Zine]]
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*[[Make Something]]

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Krissy Durden (aka Krissy PonyBoy) is a zinester and activist living in Portland, Oregon U.S.A.

Krissy is best known for her zine Figure 8, in which she argues against fat prejudice and writes about the cultural issues facing large women. She helped organize a fat activist event (FatGirl Speaks) and a related radical cheerleading group, the Fat Action Troupe Allstar Spirit Squad (F.A.T.A.S.S.), which encouraged people to accept their bodies as they are.

She has been making zines since 1994 under the label PonyBoy Press. In addition to Figure 8, she has also written Current Resident, Paper Crush and Imaginary Life.

Active in the zine community, Krissy helped organize the Portland Zine Symposium in 2002 and 2003. She is also responsible for creating and monitoring the social networking website We Make Zines.



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