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Kratophany Cover Art by Steve Stiles 1973 (caption: "Merde, I said, Monsieur, and merde is what I meant.")

Kratophany was a science fiction zine by Eli Cohen.

The first issue of Kratophany appeared in 1971. The first few issues were published in New York City, NY, U.S.A. Then Eli Cohen moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and then again to Vancounver, British Columbia, where subsequent issues came out. In 1980 he returned to New York to publish issue 13 in 1981, which would be the final issue after a decade of publishing.

Contributions included columns by Ginjer Buchanan and Janet Kagan. Other contributors included Susan Wood (Aspidistra, Amor). Also included was a comic strip by Judy Mitchell and Mike Mason.

Cover art was contributed by Vincent Di Fate and Steve Stiles with additional illustrations by Jeanne Gomoll (Janus).

Eli Cohen also did the APAzine (for CRAPA) Moss on the North Side in the late 1970s.