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Korrupt Yrself exists as a self published zine currently out of Washington, DC, U.S.A. The zine started in 2008 and has continued so far through four issues.

Issue #1 - Published Summer 2008. Features an interview with Turboslut. Issue #2 - Published Summer 2009. Features articles on Ghost Mice and So Long and Thanks For All The Fish Issue #3 - Published Fall of 2009. Features an interview with New Idea Society and other various writings. Issue #4 - Published Summer of 2010. The Fuck You Cancer Issue.

Korrupt Yrself also has a website with record reviews and a podcast.

In print issues are available for trade or for free by mail.


Contact goodgovernor@yahoo.com and send an address. International inquires please send an email.

External Links

  • [http:www.korruptyrself.wordpress.com Korrupt Yrself]